DEMHIST holds conferences at least once a year, in variuos places. These conferences offer a platform to raise and discuss professional issues. To improve their quality, DEMHIST has developped guidelines for hosts and an evaluation form for participants of its meetings.
DEMHIST also informs its members about relevant conferences by other organisations.
ICOM offers grants to young members who want to participate in an international committee meeting such as DEMHIST. 

Next Conferences

  • London/United Kingdom, 14-18 October 2017

    “Are we doing enough? Keeping heritage relevant in the 21st Century”

    Call for papers (in English), deadline 8th of March 2017


Guidelines and Evaluation Form


If you want to organize a DEMHIST meeting, you find information about the necessary tasks and procedures in our conference guidelines:

Conference Guidelines

If you have participated in a DEMHIST meeting, you can give us your opinion about it. Fill in the evaluation form and send it to the secretary (

Evaluation Form



If you want to join a DEMHIST meeting, you can ask ICOM for a grant:
Support for Young ICOM members participation in International Committee/Regional Alliance meetings

Criteria and Application Form